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Attention: Company PAN made Compulsory


PAN stands for a Permanent Account Number, which is issued by the Income Tax Department as a 10 digit alpha numeric in the form of a laminated card. It's compulsory for companies to quote a PAN on most financial transactions.







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Forming a Company in India is now Easy.!!

We are a dedicated firm of legal experts and professionals helping global businesses, NRIs, Foreign nationals and international Organizations to open and register companies in India. Our certified professionals have all of the legal expertise and necessary information that you would need to start a business in India.

  • Assistance in forming India private limited company (Pvt Ltd)

  • Form public limited companies in India

  • Company Accounting, Auditing & Tax assistance

  • Corporate finance assistance & fund/capital raising

  • Invest money in Indian companies from abroad

  • Open Company Bank Account or corporate accounts.

  • Starting up a foreign branch office or subsidiary in India

  • Setup liaison office & register foreign company in India.

  • and much more...

Do you want to START a Company in India?

Why form a company in India?

There are many reasons why you should set up a company in India, under the Companies Act 1956, at Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA). Many of these reasons also make it wise to invest in India as well.

- India�s economy is one of the fastest growing on the globe; it has kept a GDP growth of over seven percent.

- There are predictions that India�s economy will grow into the third largest on the globe within the next 40 years. India is the third largest country in the world when it comes to investing.

- India also holds a very large number of foreign institutional investors and a large number of brokers through them. When you set up a company in India, there are advantages in Indian taxation & getting a business license and other corporate tax number is easy too. And not to forget making a company in India is affordable & economical.

- Also, the privacy in India allows you when setting up a company is a very good reason and you may like India�s framework for marketing your products or services when setting up a company.

- The capital gains when setting up a company in India should catch your eye. There are many people in India, so there may be more demand for your product or service.

- Setting up a company in India gives you a chance to have protection from personal liability.

- Finally, when you set up a company in India and want to sell or hand it over to someone else, India offers a simple way to transfer ownership of your company. Don't delay, contact us if you want to know how to start a business in India.

Who are we?

We are a brand of "ni2 financial consultancy pvt ltd", India's premier business consulting service provider who brought to you the world's first NRI investment website: We help our global clients to start a business in India from the scratch and later render them company tax filing services in India as well, once they have completed their company formation process.

If you wish to start a India pvt ltd, india company limited, private limited company or simpler terms you want to start any type of India companies either it be a private limited India company or a public ltd companies, then you have come to right place. Please use the form on the left top corner to send us your inquiry and our adviser will contact you along with an answer, within 24-48 hours.

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